Welcome to our FedCon 8 gallery
or like Dr. Okun would say: our "freak show"!

the fotos Gregor and Bernd shot from backstage. Have fun and enjoy!

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Guestpanel with Lolita Fatjo, Chase Masterson and Richard Herd
Marina Sirtis - her first panel - her second panel Brent Spiner - his first panel - his second panel
Rene Auberjonois - his first panel - his second panel Michael Dorn - his first panel - his second panel
Denise Crosby Robin Atkin Downes Jerry Doyle and Richard Biggs Alice Krige
Selling and signing autographs Costume Contest Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony
Concert with Bernd Felsberger Concert with Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra - featuring Chase Masterson and Tim Russ